Selling Digitally: Video Marketing in Real Estate

We all know how hard it can be to stand out in real estate. With normal print advertising, it can be a struggle to accurately convey the space in photos or online.

Anyone who’s gone to check out a “spacious two bedroom” and walked into a shoebox knows.

It can be hard to capture light quality, neighborhood vibe, or character of the property. If you’ve ever felt these frustrations, you're not alone. But the answer might be simpler than you think.

Only 9% of Agents Create Listing Videos

This stat is shocking, isn’t it? But based on research by the National Association of Realtors the overwhelming majority of agents in the market don’t create videos of any type to show property, promote listings, or connect with clients.

According to the National Association of Realtors 48% of real estate groups find that keeping up with technology is one of the largest challenges they look to face within the next two years.

The real estate market had already begun to embrace video content before 2020, but since that time (you know the one) that we all shifted online, the adoption of video content  has grown exponentially.

According to the National Association of Realtors 48% of real estate groups find that keeping up with technology is one of the largest challenges they look to face within the next two years.

The real estate market had already begun to embrace video content before 2020, but since that time (you know the one) that we all shifted online, the adoption of video content  has grown exponentially.

A recent survey found 1 in 4 Americans working remotely during 2021. It is estimated that by 2025, 36.2 million Americans will work from home, an 87% increase from pre-pandemic levels.

Reaching clients online is more important now than ever. Yet many still struggle to find ways to implement video into their real estate business and commit to it comprehensively. The main reasons agents cited for not creating marketing videos is that they are expensive and time-consuming. The facts show, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Read on to learn more about how real estate video is changing the industry.

In an era where video is the most consumed content type on the internet (and by no small margin) creating high converting video is not as expensive as it used to be. Footage that once cost $2k is now roughly $175. This brings the availability of video to most properties, adding big value and return for realtors.

Why is Video Important You May Ask?

I’m glad you did. Less than 1% of recent homebuyers reported finding their new home via print advertising. The median age for a first time home-buyer in 2021 was 33. This makes video and forward thinking technology a higher priority than ever before for home buying. Don’t believe me? Here it is flat-out.

Nearly 73% of homeowners surveyed would prefer to hire an Agent that uses video.

That’s right. Beyond that, realtors who earn over $100k are more than twice as likely to utilize technology than those that earn less. More specifically, realtors using real estate videos have seen a collective profit increase of 40% since adding video to their marketing services.

NAR research shows embedded video drives 157% more organic search traffic to websites, and listings with video get 403% more inquiries than other listings without.


Video works for real estate because not only does it attract new viewers, but it is also proven to convert those viewers at a higher percentage. Video done right can convey details and emotions that still images just can’t quite achieve.

According to Buzzstream Realtors websites, featuring video on your website increases the chances of first page Google results by 53%. Homeowners who have sold their house in the last few years likely understand the power of videos, whether on websites or social media.

Considering the majority of internet users with real estate related searches and keywords end up watching video, it makes sense that Google will boost real estate sites with featured videos.

Top 6 Reasons Video is important

1. Outreach and standing out

Video sets us and our clients a part from the rest of the noise in the industry. We believe that by standing out, we capture a lot more attention from prospective buyers.

Home sellers have been shown to do less than three hours of initial research, many hiring the first agent they meet. We have a short window to impress and we take advantage of that. This means you can sell your home in a shorter amount of time.

Social Media

2. Social Media Videos

Social media is best used as a channel to support brand awareness. Utilizing the many different social platforms to showcase our listings allows us to reach a larger audience and connect with prospective buyers in a more personal way.

We know this works because research indicates Over 30% of realtors have reported closing on at least one transaction a year as a direct result of using social media. 

Once we gather footage for your home, we can splice it together in a number of different ways allowing us to create massive amounts of short-clip-content that can be used to market through our social channels. This generates client interest and is key to developing momentum.

DID YOU KNOW: "Digital video is booming. Traffic from online videos will constitute over 82% of all global consumer internet traffic by 2022"... "Video now accounts for half of all time spent on facebook."
~ Article from:

Short video ideas we may capitalize on as part of our social media campaign for your listing:

  • Video of properties that have just sold (These videos show what the houses in a given neighborhood are selling for and can help customers gauge the value of the neighborhood)
  • Videos highlighting properties we have on the market: We know our clients research content through social channels and since more than half of all facebook interaction is related to video consumption - it makes sense to be here.
  • Short testimonial videos about our team:
  • Day-in-the-life videos - Neighborhood walkthroughs: These types of videos help us demonstrate our knowledge and build trust with our client base. They know we aren't phoning it because we are engaged in the neighborhoods we sell in.
  • Videos sharing Virtual Walkthroughs of properties we are selling. These videos tend to get shared and drive traffic. In addition, people that weren't maybe looking to sell or buy may become interested in following us and this translates to potential customers down the road. All of this benefits our current clients as people begin to turn to us to see what is next and when they are ready - We are front of mind.
  • Insight into our expertise and personality helps to expand our audience.

3. Neighborhood Video Tours

Pictures of a property may be clear, but no matter how well shot it’s impossible to convey the “vibe” of the neighborhood. Neighborhood video tours are a big opportunity for us to add value to your listing. We can show the property while also capturing the character of the area where the listing is located.

Capturing a nearby food truck court, parks, developments, or notable businesses gives potential buyers a more immersive glimpse into what it would really be like to be on property.

4. Property Video Tours

Supplementing photography with a video tour gives buyers an idea of the feel and flow of a property. We specialize in creating high-end virtual tours meant for our landing page... That being said - We have event found that using our phone to capture some candid moments during a walk through is a great way to highlight amenities and add that personal touch that sets us apart.

Drone Footage

5. Real Estate Drone Video Tours

We have drones that allow us to capture each home and neighborhood from a different perspective. Homes with drone footage as part of their marketing plan sell 68% faster on average than those that don’t. 

6. Property Contract Walk through Videos

Filming a video as we do a walk through on a given property allows us to dispel misinformation, and keep the momentum to closing day in full stride. We can also demonstrate experiences through video that just can't be translated in other mediums

The Right Type of Video

The list above is just a few of the many ways video can help add value to your real estate brand.

All video is not created equal. Utilizing the right type of video for your needs is a crucial part of how effective it can be. 

Experimenting with video that feels right for you and your brand is a great way to refine your approach, and learn how to promote videos effectively.

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Clients included NBC, Universal Pictures, Disney, Warner Brothers, and several others. This experience developed a strong work ethic, along with excellent communication and marketing skills.

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